Morning Playgroup 9 am-12 pm

Drop off: our playgroup starts at 9 AM. Parents are welcome to come in with their children and spend a few minutes playing before you say goodbye.

Pick up is at Noon. Early pickup should be arranged in advance.

Every playgroup session starts with our welcome circle, followed by stories, facilitated play, sensory games, music, dance and movement and a small snack. We always wrap up with a closing circle. Our activities include both fine and gross motor activities.  Parents should bring snack items, a change of clothes and, if appropriate, clean diapers.  Please let us know if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions. 


Extended Day Playgroup 9:00am-2:45pm

An extension of our morning playgroup for children ages 3.5-5 years old. Our children will engage and participate in all the morning playgroup activities, followed by lunch time, and afternoon play. Our afternoon activities will target phrasing and language over shared meal times, encouraging interactive and shared play in the classroom and out in the community, and develop emerging writing and reading skills. 

Because we do not offer a designated "nap-time", it is recommended that children enrolled in the extended day playgroup no longer require a mid-afternoon nap. Parents should provide a lunch. 

Pick up is at 2:45pm. Early pickup should be arranged in advance. 



The rate for our morning playgroup is $50/day, and extended day playgroups are $97/day.

Parents are welcome choose a schedule that best fits their needs, based on playgroup availability. Most parents choose a minimum of at least 2 days to help establish routine and build relationships with their peers.