We have seen an incredible amount of growth in our 2.5 year old after just a couple months with Susan. Susan believes in learning through contrived play, and I have seen its effects. We have seen leaps in verbal and social skills way beyond what was expected. This was our son’s first experience away from home, and Susan (and Monet) made the transition very easy. She is an incredible source for any behavioral question that arises at home, and she has a keen insight into our son’s strengths and areas requiring attention. We are considering staying for next year, because we have seen such amazing strides in all areas.
— Meredith C.
Parachute Play and Learning has been an incredible experience for our (nearly) 3-year-old son, Gabriel. After a high recommendation from our friends, we enrolled him in the playgroup this past summer as a way to introduce him to being separated from us before he started school this fall. He was quickly comfortable in the warm and nurturing setting at PPL and was asking to return within the first few days. In addition, Gabriel - a very active, spirited child - seemed to be fully engaged and learning new skills (language, peer interaction, ability to focus) very quickly. Susan and Monet were encouraging while allowing him to progress at his own rate. I was floored at how independent, verbal, and insightful he seemed to become in such a short amount of time. I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for our son to thrive at this critical time in his development.
— Caroline N.
Enrolling our son in Susan’s playgroup was one of the best developmental decisions we’ve made for him. Susan’s nurturing personality made our son’s first separation experience something my husband and I could feel comfortable about. His language and play skills exploded. We’re grateful for the eight months our son spent in playgroup before enrolling in preschool.
— Lisa, mom to Liam
PPL was my daughter’s first drop-off daycare/playgroup experience; Susan and her co-teacher at the time, Caroline, helped orchestrate a very smooth transition for her. The playgroup always seems to have a balanced dynamic with room for the kids to move through various self-directed activities under the caring guidance of Susan and now Monet. I have seen nothing but patience and care on the part of both Susan and Monet. Returning to PPL after a several month break, my daughter was immediately comfortable again despite the group meeting in a different and unfamiliar location. Susan and Monet also provide the right amount of updates during the sessions- text messages will be sent on occasion with news of successful transitions or video clips from sing-a-longs and the like. We value what Susan and Monet do for our daughter immensely.
— Adam C.
My wife and I are very pleased with our son’s experience with Parachute! He looks forward to his time with Susan and Monet, and brings home so many great songs, language, and habits from the program. Since joining Parachute, we’ve seen great jumps in his verbal acuity, vocabulary, social skills and an interest in cooking! The staff are dedicated, professional, and loving. I highly recommend the program.
— Noah A.
After trying two other preschools, I knew from the moment my son walked into PPL that it was the right place for him. Susan greeted him with warmth, confidence, and understanding and he marched right into the classroom without looking back.
Susan is a masterful educator - the best of the best. Susan and Monet together are a dynamo team. We love the small-group experience and we love that our son is encouraged to follow his interests, make friends, and have fun new experiences. PPL’s entire team - Susan, Monet and Tucker - are fantastic and fun and very good at what they do. We love PPL!!
— Maddy F.
Our son is in his second year at Parachute, and he loves it. The small group size and personalized attention have been so good for him, and he has made huge progress in his confidence, social skills, and ability to cope with separation. We love that Susan and Monet know him so well, and know how to challenge him to extend himself just a bit, but in a supportive and fun setting. He always comes home with happy stories to tell, especially when Tucker comes with his guitar! We’re so glad we found Parachute, and recommend it strongly to anyone.
— Steve & Lauren P.