Elena and Alexander (Vasya’s parents)

“Our son started at Parachute this school year having just moved here from another country. We chose Parachute after touring several public and private schools. Our child, who barely spoke a word of English when he started, brings home new songs, words and phrases every day and has gained so much confidence and joy communicating in English. It is a unique, small group with gentle and respectful yet consistent opportunities for learning, friendship and growth. He loves his teachers and classmates and it is very touching to watch how eager he is to get here in the mornings and interact with everyone. Every month the school continues to impress in its effort to improve and grow - plays, trips, activities and projects happen, new toys, games and books are added. For instance, now apart from English, our boy’s singing Portuguese songs and teaching us Portuguese words from his capoeira lessons. I am so grateful we found this school and would wholeheartedly recommend it as a very special and nurturing place.”

- Elena and Alexander (Vasya’s parents)

Luciana DiehlComment