Here’s ours! Steve and Lauren (Emmett’s parents)

“Susan and all the teachers at Parachute have been indispensable in helping our five year old son develop his social skills, independence and confidence. Once very fearful of separation and other kids, he now loves going to school, and always returns with stories of the fun they had at the playground, walking around the neighborhood, doing theater or guitar, and now even capoeira! Susan is incredibly generous with her time, and has worked with us closely to extend his progress into our home life as well. We also love how all of the teachers bring their own creativity and expertise to the mix, making for a dynamic, eclectic experience, but are also completely unified in their approach to behaviors and running the classroom. At a time when no school felt like the right fit, PPL has been invaluable to us, and we’d recommend it to anyone!”

- Here’s ours! Steve and Lauren (Emmett’s parents)

Luciana DiehlComment