Parachute Play and Learning hosts programs for children between the ages of 2-8 focusing on play and participation.

Located in South Slope/Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY, Parachute was founded in 2014 by Susan Thomas, an educator with 20 years experience. Susan is a licensed elementary and special education teacher, and a former BCaBA (Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst). She has worked as a classroom teacher and a SEIT (special education itinerant teacher) in a wide range of public/private educational settings in New York City. In addition to her work in classroom settings, Susan has worked with schools and continues to work with families of preschool and school-age children focusing on learning/behavior strategies to improve general and specific learning skills.

The unitary goal of PPL/SOTC is to create a safe and secure learning space where children find joy in learning and play and grow as responsible and thinking human beings. In 2018 PPL  launched the School of the City program for kids ages five to eight years.

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Susan Thomas




What sets Parachute Play and Learning apart is not just the activities we engage in, but how we approach those activities. Process is key to learning, so we intentionally spend significant time on the process of learning behaviors that will improve and increase skills for future settings.

In the home-like school space and in community settings, children are supported and encouraged to develop independence and to engage in healthy peer relationships. Throughout the day, our instructors work with each student on individual learning goals.

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