Parachute Play and Learning hosts a weekday playgroup for children between the ages of 2-5 focusing on play and participation.

Our group is intentionally small in size, so there are manageable opportunities for spontaneous and natural interactions. Our sessions are led by two trained adults in a classroom setting, who contrive and create natural play targeting specific expressive/receptive learning goals for the entire group.

Learning extends beyond the classroom, as the group takes daily walks to parks or community gardens, and engages in seasonal activities (e.g. digging the earth or planting in the spring/summer, and picking up leaves in the park and exploring colors in the fall).

What sets Parachute Play and Learning apart is not just the activities we engage in, but how we approach those activities. Process is key to learning, so we intentionally spend a lot of time on the process of learning behaviors that will improve and increase skills for future settings.

Within each activity, our instructors use words and phrases in the context of our morning routines to build language skills that are productive and socially appropriate forms of communication. Children participate in activities as independently as possible, engage in turn-taking and peer interactions and are provided with ample reinforcement in the form of social praise and encouragement.  

Our group offers morning and afternoon classes Mondays through Fridays.